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Personally Crafted, Since 2016

About Chaser & Burk

As a homeowner, it’s frustrating to have beautiful space that is bogged down by box-store furniture that just doesn’t fit the space. You can tell that the quality isn’t there, and no matter how hard you try, it just doesn’t look right.

But unfortunately it doesn’t end in your living room and bedroom. Your cabinets are the primary piece of your kitchen, and they put a damper on the whole room. Poor quality or past-trends design just take the fun out of, what could be, a great room.

We want homeowners to love their furniture and to smile every time they walk into their kitchen.

We understand the feeling of “I’m never going to make this space reach it’s potential” and we are here to help.

Chaser & Burk has been hand-crafting high-quality pieces for over 10 years. When you work with us, you are working with master-craftsmen who care about you as much as they do about what they create.

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Meet Jacob Burkhalter, Founder

When people ask me how I got started in woodworking & carpentry, it’s funny to think about, because I really stumbled into it over 10 years ago.

In Kansas City, I had been working in various construction-related jobs, so I was fairly good with my hands. At that time, my wife showed me something on ETSY that she was wanting (... that we couldn’t afford), so I figured I would try building it myself.

I immediately fell in love with the woodworking process.

After that, I started learning everything that I possibly could about woodworking and carpentry. I went to work as an apprentice (the 2nd employee hired) at a custom-furniture shop, and by the time I left I was managing 15 fellow team-members.

My wife and I moved to Knoxville, TN and I started Chaser & Burk in 2016.

With my experience in the woodworking industry, I knew that I wanted to build furniture with craftsmanship and high-quality materials. Using the right stuff the right way, and never budging on integrity just to make an extra buck.

Today, we continue to help homeowners in Knoxville, TN and across America with high-quality custom furniture and custom cabinets.

"We hired Jacob to design and build a mid-century styled platform bed with matching side tables, and he knocked it out of the park! Working with Jacob was easy. He listened carefully to our needs, provided some great ideas, made changes where needed and ultimately delivered what we were expecting. Our pieces were so beautiful and well-made that we worked with Jacob again to design/build an entertainment console. If you are looking for something special, unique, high quality and beautiful, look no further than Jacob’s business."

M.P., Atlanta, GA

Personally Crafted.
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